‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ is Over on Netflix

I just learned from The Hollywood Reporter than Netflix has cancelled Jupiter’s Legacy.

And while I didn’t like the series as much as I did Travelers (also on Netflix, also cancelled – in my view – prematurely though it at least ran for two years and 34 episodes).

The metrics that Netflix use to determine whether or not a series is a successful or not are for the most part secrets the streaming network holds close to the vest though if I had to offer a guess I’d have to say that the opulent, expensive production didn’t have enough people watching to justify another season.

Though apparently that doesn’t mean that Netflix won’t revisit the world of Jupiter’s Legacy because Mark Millar, the creator of the series as well as numerous other superhero-based properties, says that the streaming network is next working on Supercrooks, which lives in the same universe as Jupiter’s Legacy, except that it revolves around villains.

It sounds really interesting though seeing that Netflix owns MillarWorld and Mark Millar is particularly prolific, it’s only a matter of time till something clicks with audiences in such a way that we get more than a single season.

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