Trailer Into REaction: Fear Street (2021) | Official Trailer

Netflix earlier today dropped the official trailer for Fear Street, a trilogy of films based on the novels – Young Adult, I believe – of R.L. Stine and while I’m not particularly enamored of way the adverts seem to be implying that they’re perhaps way too similar to American Horror Story (an anthology series that I have never been particularly fond of because it too often felt more trashy than scary).

Though it’s also worth mentioning that Stine is the writer of the Goosebumps books, which based on the few shows I have seen based on them, they’re a bit too YA for my liking.

Though what I find interesting is that the trilogy is interlinked, which is to say each movie is connected to the others in a fascinating way. We’re introduced to the universe in Fear Street – Part 1: 1994. What we learn in that movie is built upon in Fear Street – Part 2: 1978 and concludes in Fear Street – Part 3: 1966 where we seemingly get to the heart of the evil that’s plagued the people that live there since the first movie.

The idea of sequels hardly what anyone would call innovative though introducing them all at once, and with only a week separating each release is pretty innovative and something that would be really difficult to do outside a streaming network.

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