REview: Terrifier (2016) | Something The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Of course I’m being facetious because Damien Leone’s Terrifier is the sort of movie that a lot of adults might have difficulty with, never mind children; which is a pity because it’s really hilarious. The movie revolves around a clown named Art who seemingly kills for no other reason than it’s what he enjoys doing (the movie takes place on Halloween but that only seems to be the case so someone walking around dressed as a clown is more acceptable).

Despite a body count numbering about seven, no people actually die in the sense that no one is fleshed out – pardon the pun – so beyond wondering why anything is happening or being interested in entirely practical gore effects, you don’t miss anyone.

And if that weren’t the intention of the movie I’d have a problem with it, but I get the feeling that’s exactly as Leone planned it, so you can just sit back and let it wash over you.

Though what most Impressed me about the movie is how funny it was.

I don’t tend to enjoy horror movies revolving around clowns, partially because I don’t enjoy them in general but also because in movies they tend to get the creepy parts right, but typically ignore the ‘funny’ part (which is why I enjoyed Tim Curry’s depiction of Pennywise the Clown in IT (1990) and not so much the version where he was played by Bill Skarsgård).

Art the Clown is genuinely funny at times, which stands in stark contrast to his murderous ways and makes, by my reckoning, a very one-note movie much more enjoyable than it has any right being.

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