‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ Receiving Theatrical Release!

Which genuinely surprises me because I thought it was pretty safe to assume that the movie would go directly to streaming though The Hollywood Reporter has another tale to tell.

Apparently a theatrical release is happening via Fantom Events, which makes me wonder who they’re expecting to see it because I’ve don’t see it as an event more than a curiosity (that I wouldn’t pay to see in theaters never mind a Fantom Event, which tends to be more expensive that a typical ticket).

And speaking of Fantom Events, how do they make money, never mind profit, on a theatrical release when the movie is so niche that I’m not expecting anyone to queue up to see it.

And where’s all the ‘interest’ in this movie coming from? I admit that I was curious, at least initially, about a horror movie based on Winnie the Pooh.

That is, till I saw the trailer and Winnie the Pooh looked nothing like the character I knew from my childhood despite Disney not having exclusive rights to the character any longer.

Interestingly, they do have exclusive rights to that red shirt which strongly implies you can have a cartoon bear than looks and sounds like Winnie the Pooh, as long as he doesn’t happen to be wearing a red shirt).

And sure, having the formerly cuddly bear look like a big bruiser doesn’t help – though what it does do is likely enable the filmmaker to avoid any potential litigiousness from Disney because despite being in the public domain, if he looked too similar to Pooh as we traditionally know him they’re not likely to respond well, no matter the color of the shirt he happened to be in).


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