REview: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) | What’s All The Hubbub, Bub?

I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania last week, and I’m wondering what all the dislike it about.

Ant-Man has always been a palate cleanser of sorts and I can see why Peyton Reed would want to do something more expansive the third time around (and to be fair that’s the case with most comic characters, which is to say that they participate in adventures both big and small, pardon the pun).

And as I said in my video, it’s good.

Though there are issues, though they’re fairly minor.

It’s visually dark, almost as if there’s some post-production 3D process or something going on.

It’s not a make or break sort of thing, but it’s certainly noticeable (especially when Kang’s armor looked almost black, when it was actually a deep purple and green).

Then there’s the way the Wasp, while not exactly sidelined, certainly isn’t as prominent as she was in the second film (part of me wondered if her reduced screen time might have something to do with Evangeline Lilly’s feeling about COVID vaccination mandates, but that’s just me).

And one weird complaint was that Kang’s power set wasn’t clear.

Really? Not every character is as clearly defined as Superman or Spider-Man, and after all this is the first time we see Kang in live action (though supposedly a variant was introduced in Loki on Disney+) so I don’t think that particularly matters.


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