‘Jurassic World’ Teaser Trailer

James Gunn, the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, has some interesting words for studios that create cinematic universes based on weak properties, and it’s worth reading.  I mention it because Jurassic Park has spawned two sequels, Jurassic Park: The Lost World and Jurassic Park III so perhaps the time has arrived for a relaunch […]

‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Trailer

Truth be told, I am less interested in “Escape From Tomorrow” as a movie than Disney’s non-response response to its production.  The makers of the indie film not only made their film at Disneyland, but appropriated many iconic ‘Disney’ elements in its advertising, such as the font that the film’s title is in, as well […]

‘Oblivion’ Trailer

Gossip Cop has a trailer for Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming “Oblivion,” and I am not sure how I feel about it from a design standpoint, which is interesting, because Kosinski’s has a pretty strong esthetic sense, if “Tron: Legacy” was any indication. Thanks to Gossip Cop for the foreign language trailer that I linked to above, […]

‘Oblivion’ Movie Poster

Here’s the movie poster for Joseph Kosinski’s upcoming “Oblivion.”  I like the whole post-apocalyptic vibe, though what I assume to be a spacecraft in the lower right side of the poster looks way too over-designed. Then again, that could be because I am accustomed to space craft that look like he USS Cygnus from Disney’s […]

Tron 3 Is (Almost) A Go!

I have been saying for the longest time that the sequel to Joseph Kosinski’s 2010 film “Tron: Legacy” was going to happen, and it appears that we are closer than ever. According to Superherohype, a new writer is on the project, and Disney wants to move forward sooner rather than later. Choosing a new writer isn’t […]

‘The Lone Ranger’ Trailer

I have to admit, this trailer kicks all sort of arse.  Sure, the movie may be the cat’s balls, but this…Trailer…Rocks. I actually want to see this movie now.  I feel good enough about what I have seen so far (though admittedly the Double Take Amber Ale I just consumed may be tinting my processes just […]

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Trailer

Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” took a while, but it’s finally growing on me.  I like it even more since I learned that John C. Reilly, as opposed to Seth Rogen, (who happens to sound quite a bit like Reilly) is voicing the character. Though truth be told, I would prefer John C. McGinley even more (mainly because […]

‘Tron: Uprising’ Trailer 2

My commentary on Daniel Espinosa‘s “Safe House” will have to wait till either later today or tomorrow because I found the latest trailer for Disney’s “Tron: Uprising,” and I have to say that it’s looking pretty good.  The animation appears somewhat similar to work by Peter Chung, with his linear, lithe figures. There also appears […]