New-Gen: New Player in Town?

Comic book characters have been on television and in movies for many years, though the publishers of such characters have in the past been more numerous.

These days, most superhero films either come from either Marvel Studios (a division of Walt Disney, and based upon characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, The Fantastic Four,  Thor, the Avengers, Iron Man, etc) or DC Comics (part of Warner Brothers, and the home of  Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Justice League, etc).

Comics character-based films from other companies exist, but tend not to have the influence or reach of those from ‘The Big Two,’ which is not to say that there haven’t been attempts by others entities to establish franchises based upon superheroes.

Two of the bigger examples are Flash Gordon, from the 1980’s, and The Shadow (which was a DC Comics character in the 1970’s), from 1994. Visually speaking, The Shadow is more ‘conventional’ than Flash Gordon–then again, few films are as visually extravagant as Mike Hodges’ Flash Gordon–but the latter film is far more illustrative of the dark, nihilistic place superhero films would be heading in the future.

Though, like anything else, there are exceptions, such as Men In Black (MIB), which was based upon a comic from Malibu (which spawned Image Comics–though that company is currently owned by DC).  In time Malibu morphed into the Ultraverse line of comics, which then was purchased by Marvel.

Then there’s Cowboys & Aliens, which like MIB is inspired by a Malibu comic, which has a trailer below.

Now there’s a new player in town: New-Gen.

When I first heard of this company, I assumed that they were a branch of Marvel Comics (they’re not, though they are being sold through Marvel).

New-Gen is not the only new player, because there’s the relaunch of Atlas Comics; though their ambitions appear to at the moment revolve around comic stores, not movie theaters.

Though if any of their three introductory titles (“The Grey Ghost,” “Phoenix,” and “Wulf”) are successful, who knows?

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