‘Seven Psychopaths’ Red Band Trailer

“Seven Psychopaths” stars Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Tom Waits, Woody Harrelson, and Christopher Walken.

It was directed by Martin McDonagh, who also did “In Bruges,” which I have heard is a very entertaining, though I have yet to see it.

Though not billed as such, “Seven Psychopaths” feels to me like a must-see film, bordering on an event because there’s no way that a film with so much star power cannot in some way illuminate (which is by no means as true as I would like to think).

Colin Farrell, most recently of the “Total Recall” reboot, which was proceeded by “Fright Night,” (also a reboot, by the way) is very charismatic and engaging thought he may not always make the best choice in terms of projects, those choices are at least interesting.

Though one of favorite performances of his was when he guest-starred on an episode of “Scrubs.”

Sam Rockwell was remarkable in “Moon,” though I wasn’t too crazy about his interpretation of ‘Justin Hammer’ in “Iron Man 2” because the character, as he appears in the comic, was more of a threat–than a comedic foil–to Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.).

The first performance I recall from Tom Waits was from 2010’s “The Book of Eli.”  Waits wasn’t on screen as long as I would have liked, though every time he did turn up, it was worth watching.

Woody Harrelson has had a very varied career, though “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Zombieland” are two of my favorites.  I also recall his performance as Woody Boyd, the dim bartender (which is putting it mildly) from the third season of NBC’s “Cheers.”

Christopher Walken, whom I first noticed in 1977’s “The Sentinel,” playing Det. Rizzo.  Since that time he’s developed a broad and resonant filmography, and has done everything from horror to comedy, sometimes in his trademark deadpan style.

He also taught me to appreciate the beauty of the cowbell.

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