Why ‘World War Z’ Is Going To Fail

Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind.
That being said, I feel reasonably confident saying that “World War Z” is going to be the next “Jack The Giant Slayer.”
By which I mean, it’s going to fail.  I assumed that it would when I read that it would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $175 million to produce or that things got so tense between director Marc Forster and lead actor/producer Brad Pitt that they stopped talking directly to each other and communicated via intermediaries and Post-It notes.

In fact, “World War Z” would have probably been best done as a television mini-series where an ensemble cast could have best brought the story to life.

The novel takes place after the zombie war has – essentially – been won by the living. Each chapter is someone else’s story, involving civilians and military officers from all over the world and covers how it started, and when the battle began to turn in favor of the living.
That being said, there’s room for one man’s story, so while that interpretation differs from that of the novel (if the trailers are any indicator) it’s (probably) not enough of a difference to be a problem.
What is definitely a problem is that there appears to be too much CGI (computer generated images) as a stand-in for more practical effects.  As I have commented elsewhere, there’s no way that hard-core zombie film fans are going to go for it – and I am not sure that it’s enough to attract average viewers not typically drawn to zombie films.
And a lot of average people – non-zombie film fans – are going to need to see this film for it to be a success.
By the way, in the novel the zombie plague begins in China, a growing market for American films.  China is also a place that the studios don’t want to alienate by making it the epicenter of a zombie plague, which means that it will probably change to somewhere like North Korea or whomever the enemy of the moment happens to be.

2 thoughts on “Why ‘World War Z’ Is Going To Fail

  1. having read WWZ and not being all that impressed, the stills and trailers for the movie I have seen have convinced me to avoid this movie at all costs.

    1. Ditto. I have enjoyed the novel much more than I thought I would and I am not quite feeling this movie. Will I see it? Probably, though that’s out of curiosity more than anything else.

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