Netflix Protects Against ‘Breaking Bad’ Spoilers

Netflix Splash PageNetflix is currently airing Seasons One through Five of AMC’s monster hit drama, “Breaking Bad,” which is awesome.

What’s not so awesome is that they have yet to get the remaining episodes of the Fifth, and last, season.  This means that there are all sort of spoilers floating about, which I and anyone else that doesn’t have cable have been working to avoid.

Netflix feels our pain, and is helping by introducing a feature called Spoiler Foiler.  It searches your Twitter feed for actors or anything related to Breaking Bad, and redacts it.

Now the article doesn’t say how to activate the feature, though anything that keeps the rest of Season Five on the down low is fine with me.

The only disadvantage, and it’s a minor one, is that tweets that reference the series end up looking like a document accessed through the Freedom of Information Act, but anything that keeps the secrets of Breaking Bad secret is worth the the bother.

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