‘Zombie Massacre’ Review

Zombie Massacre

“Luca Boni and Marco Ristori’s “Zombie Massacre” isn’t a very good movie, though it’s not as terrible as it could be.”

The filmmakers were originally going to call this “Apocalypse Z.”  I suspect that they didn’t because Warner Bros., the company that released “World War Z,” probably wouldn’t be too happy about that.

It goes without saying that you don’t go into a movie with Uwe Boll‘s name anywhere in the credits (he’s producing and and appears on camera, which I will go into later) expecting a movie that excels in terms of the basics – acting, directing and so forth – and this film isn’t any different.

That being said, it’s not the worse movie that I have seen, mainly because I get the feeling that the filmmakers did the best with what they had.  Sure, it isn’t much, though their love of the genre shines through despite their lack of resources.

The movie revolves around a commando unit sent into Romania (?) to prevent a zombie infection from spreading.  The team has no idea that the military (They’re American, despite the occasional European accent) is behind the virus and have no intention of letting them live once they complete their mission.

So things are already strange, though that’s nothing compared to what’s coming because soon we meed President Boll!  Yep, Uwe Boll is playing the President of the United States. What’s really odd about it – other than the fact that Boll is playing the President of the United States – is that he doesn’t take it remotely serious.  There’s no attempt at gravitas, and not the least bit of respect for the office.

It’s like he acts as bad as he directs.

The sets are pretty sparse, and are less actual sets than just locations with tables and chairs.  The special effects aren’t terribly special (though some of the zombie makeup is actually pretty good).

In fact, it’s almost watchable, which is not something that I can say about, let’s say, most SyFy channel productions.

That being said, “Zombie Massacre” isn’t a good movie, though strangely enough, it could be worse.

The oddest thing of all about the movie is Gerry Shanahan, as Dr. Neumann, who’s actually a real good actor, which is why he sticks out like diamonds among glass.  His eyes are really expressive and he elevates every scene he’s in.

Which is easy to do, under the circumstances.


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