‘X-Men-Days Of Future Past’ Official Trailer 2 Announcement

So far I am remarkably unimpressed by the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” trailer so far released.  The thing is, they haven’t really shown us anything, and what they have shown us is–to me at any rate–underwhelming.  Director Bryan Singer seems to be treating the movie as if it were some sort of Wagnerian epic, which is really ambitious.

In other words, things are feeling sort of forced, a sentiment that isn’t helped by a teaser to the trailer that doesn’t give you anything to chew on.

And some may think that I am being somewhat hypocritical–after all, I can’t say enough about the teaser and trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Guardians Of The Galaxy”–though I don’t think I am because, unlike in the case of the ‘X-Men,’ the ‘Guardians’ are new, so as a viewer I didn’t quite know what to expect tonally as well as story-wise.

Then there’s the important point that the ‘Guardians’ teaser was the first trailer ever about the film, while the teaser is for the second official trailer for the X-Men film, which strikes me as a bit ass-backward.

It also says to me that perhaps the special effects were completed relatively recently (or enough to make a decent trailer, at any rate).

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