Commercially Speaking: Jason And The 3D Printer

Commercials are made to inform about a particular service or entice you to buy something you want (but don’t yet know that you want).

Though in practice, most do the exact opposite.  They confuse instead of clarify, and irritate to such a degree that there are some DVR’s designed to skip them entirely.

Though there are times when a commercial just works, informing and entertaining all at the same time, which brings me to this RadioShack commercial from SuperBowl 2014.  I learned of it from those maniacs over at Bloody Disgusting–which is good because I might have otherwise never heard of it since I rarely watch football, or sports in general–and stars Friday The 13th’s resident knife-wielding killer, Jason Vorhees.

It’s an awesome advert which would have been perfect if he were making a machete instead of a key, but despite that small oversight, it’s still pretty cool.

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