‘Kill The Messenger’ Trailer

I like this trailer.  Every since Marathon Man and Three Days of the Condor I have been a fan of the conspiracy thriller, though not any conspiracy thriller.  I like those best that have a relatively ordinary person caught in circumstances that spiral way, way beyond their control.

And sometimes an even not-quite-so ordinary (Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a good example of the genre) person.

Michael Cuesta‘s Kill The Messenger looks like exactly that type of film.  From what I can tell from the trailer, Jeremy Renner is playing a reporter investigating the selling of crack cocaine in the United States, much of which made itself felt by devastating minority communities.

That the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was mixed up in it, well, that’s when things get really, really interesting.

Another bonus is that it also stars Oliver Platt and Michael Williams, and Renner’s mustache and goatee, which deserve their own credits.

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