Spectre – Teaser Trailer

I didn’t particularly care for Quantum of Solace–which despite potentially being one of the worse titles ever is of particular interest due to the plot revolving around controlling access to water, which will probably be seen particularly relevant as corporate interests continue their effort to privatize water sources–and barely recall Casino Royale though Skyfall really got my attention (and that was only partially due to it being a really cool title).

The followup, Spectre, is also an awesome name but also because it harkens back to Bond features and posits the return of the most sinister organization in that universe (which probably directly inspired Get Smart‘s KAOS).

That being said, the trailer is a bit “Meh.”  It lays the groundwork for what happens in Spectre (though it does so via a scene that’s curiously similar to another from Kingsman: The Secret Service, a film that acts as a parody of the genre as well).

Though I find myself fixating on the font.  It’s too mechanical and cold and feels very technologically-based, which doesn’t quite work for me.

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