Marvel’s Daredevil – Official Season Two Trailer

Screenshot 2016-01-07 19.25.43.png

The first season of Marvel’s Daredevil had a huge hurdle to overcome.

When Fox released the 2003 movie based on the character, he was treated pretty much as a red-suited Spider-Man, which anyone familiar to the character could tell you isn’t the way to go.

In any case, the movie didn’t do badly from a financial standpoint, so Fox intended to proceed with a sequel (though likely without Ben Affleck) and were gearing up to do just that when they lost their director (David Slade, who went on to direct Hannibal on NBC).

And so, with the clock running, Fox was unable to find another director before the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios.

The move to Marvel Television was a surprise to everyone (anyone who says it wasn’t is probably a liar). and expectations were pretty high that it was going to tank.

Boy, were they wrong!  Daredevil was huge on Netflix, and was the first in a series of four series based on Marvel characters, such as Jessica Jones (which has already premiered and was as huge as Daredevil, if reviews are any indicator), Luke Cage and Iron Fist (which has recently found a show runner in Scott Buck), culminating in The Defenders.

As opposed to being the purgatory that many probably assumed Netflix was, the 13-episode format enabled the producers the space for the characters to breathe, giving them a depth and scope that a 2-hr movie just can’t compare with.

Besides, I want to really take a close look at the poster.  There’s so much going on that I suspect that it warrants a closer look.

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