X-Men: Apocalypse : Trailer 2 & 3 – Trailer Into Reaction

The most recent trailer for X-men: Apocalypse dropped yesterday, so I gave it a look.

If you check out my last trailer review–posted below–you’ll see what I think about about X:Men: Apocalypse – Trailer 2 below.

Looking at the third trailer, it feels like director Bryan Singer is playing in Roland Emmerich’s sandbox, and I am not at all sure that’s a good thing because no one can destroy real estate–and national landmarks–with such gleeful abandon like Emmerich.

Singer’s also once again–if the end of the trailer is any indication–leaning on the crutch that is Wolverine.  My problem with this is that he must not have read any of the X-Men comics that comprise The Age of Apocalypse because Wolverine isn’t a threat to a being like Apocalypse.

Adamantium claws or not.

Though what I keep forgetting is that more people know Wolverine, so of course we have to throw him into situations where he doesn’t fit (in the comics it was Kitty Pride/Shadowcat who went back into the past in the Days of Future Past storyline).

That made sense because, unlike Wolverine, she possessed the ability to go back in time.

Though worse of all I don’t understand why they do it.  Fox has the rights to all the X-characters from Marvel Comics, so why not start using them already!  And this may be wishful thinking, but there are so many of them that I’d be willing to be that if you have someone other than Logan a chance, maybe people would be interested in them too.

And you’d broaden the reach of your franchise, and you know, make more money long-term?



4 thoughts on “X-Men: Apocalypse : Trailer 2 & 3 – Trailer Into Reaction

  1. Except Kitty doesn’t have the ability to go back in time in the comics. That was Rachel Grey who had that ability. She sent Kitty back. Later, the older Kitty would trick Rachel into sending herself back with the help of the Phoenix. So they not only erased Kitty’s hugely important role in DOFP they also erased Rachel entirely.

    The x-men movies in general do a great job of downplaying the women of the franchise. I mean honestly the best treatment of female characters in recent x-flicks was Mariko and Yukio in The Wolverine and that’s kind of sad. They’re great characters, but they’re not Storm or Kitty.

    I love Logan but I hope he dies in his next movie and Laura takes up his mantle.

    1. I need to look back at that because I could swear that Kitty Pride went back in time in the Days of Future Past storyline. In any case, whether I am right or not about Shadowcat it definitely WASN’T Wolverine.

      Though I wouldn’t necessarily go as far to say that women don’t get any air in the Fox X-Men Universe. If you’re Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) you get plenty, though if you’re literally anyone else, not so much.

      It’s really sad, especially when you take into account that Marvel Studios movies, like the comics, try to give everyone a little breathing room.

      Fox, if you’re not Wolverine or Mystique–Quicksilver is essentially the flavor of the month over there–you’re immediately a second-class citizen.

      1. Yeah it definitely wasn’t wolverine! Rachel has the timeskimming powers. She sent Kitty back using her powers, only Kitty came back to her “present” after the storyline was over and then sent rachel back when they realized that her efforts in the past hadn’t changed their timeline, it only made the ‘main’ timeline go a different way (so she wanted rachel to have a chance at a happier life). Which is, incidentally, why time travel in the marvel universe never works. You’ll only make a new timeline and not erase your own!

      2. Thanks for the correction! Fox reminds me of Warner Bros in so many ways. Both companies latch on something that works–Batman for Warners, Wolverine for Fox–and pretty much ignore everything else.

        The way Warner Bros/DC Entertainment seems to be going I wouldn’t hold my breath for something like a Doctor Fate movie, who’s awesome.

        Though Batman? We’re going to get more Batman than we can stomach.

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