Annabelle 2 – Teaser Trailer

I originally wasn’t going to blog today–something about the idea of Donald Trump as President-Elect made me mildly nauseous–but I’m not about to let a narcissistic, egotistical blow-hard scar my psyche or dampen my joy. 

So here’s the trailer for Annabelle 2 (directed by Gary Dauberman, who wrote the first movie) about a possessed doll that not only looks like what you’d imagine a possessed doll would–the actual Annabelle (this is based on an ‘true’ story) was a decidedly less creepy-looking Raggedy Ann–but also happens to be so grotesque no child in their right mind would want the thing around. 

It’s an decent trailer which uses sound to generate tension more so than anything overly visual.  

The only problem is that the sounds are pretty familiar–staples in horror movies, in fact–so they limit their effectiveness. 

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