Ozark, Season Two – Review

Ozark S2

I enjoyed the first season of Netflix’s Ozark quite a bit, though I had a few quibbles, particularly with the ever-present blue filter and the quirkiness of some of the characters (I mean you,  Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gartner) and your fixation with dead things).

Season two of the crime series ups the ante on the things that made the series so engaging–the dynamics between the Byrde family, the manner in which they embrace their growing criminality and the colorful cast of characters that surround them–while getting rid of the weirdness.

It’s a welcome change.

And I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention Janet McTeer, who not only has one of the best American accents I’ve heard in television–she’s British–but as the lawyer for the Mexican drug cartel is pretty terrifying in her ruthlessness (she’s also pretty funny as well.  A little sugar helps the medicine go down and all that).

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