X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Teaser Trailer

Let’s start by being honest:  I can’t stand what Fox is doing with the X-Men just as much as I can’t stand when Sony–when left to their own devices–tends to end up doing with Spider-Man.

Which is ruining them.

And before you bring up Deadpool, that movie was an aberration and something that if the effects test trailer weren’t leaked, the movie likely wouldn’t have been released.

What’s worse is that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is directed by Simon Kinberg. the consigliere, the Kevin Feige for 20th Century Fox (if Feige didn’t particularly get comics and wasn’t terribly good at his job, that is).

By the way, remember X-Men: The Last Stand?  That was Kinberg’s (who wrote it) first crack at the story of Dark Phoenix, and that wasn’t particularly well received (which wasn’t a bad thing since it also wasn’t particularly good).

And by the way, apropos of nothing, what person in their right mind stands holding a gun when a helicopter is literally crashing a few feet from where’s they’re standing?

I expect this type of idiocy to permeate the entire movie.

Screenshot 2018-09-27 02.10.54

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