Halloween (2018) – Review

Last weekend I caught the reboot of Halloween, and it was an enjoyable–though by no means perfect–horror movie. What makes it work so well is a trait I last mentioned in reference to Shane Black’s The Predator (which that movie lacked) namely it’s relatively simple (in terms of it’s plot).

Michael Myers escapes from where he was he held, goes on killing spree, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) intervenes.

As I said, the story is relatively simple, though it’s in the skin that’s hung on the bones where we see some very interesting things happen.

It’s by no means a perfect movie though because it at least twice it falls into the trap of (while visually interesting) needlessly gratuitous kills that, at least for me, threatened to take me out the movie.

There’s one that’s so guffaw-inducingly dumb that it’s not only physically impossible in the time allotted but feels more like something the Predator would do.

Though those are relatively minor points. All in all Halloween works and is well worth catching.

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