Io – Trailer

Netflix, as everyone knows by now, is very hit or miss when it comes to the movies they develop.

For every Bird Box or Roma (review coming) there’s likely two or three of The Open House or Game Over, Man!.

Though Altered Carbon was one of the better offerings by the network, and both Io and it have in common Anthony Mackie, who’ll take over the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs from Joel Kinnaman in its second season.

Io appears to cover similar ground from 2018’s The Titan (and maybe a bit of Oblivion) except it takes place in a future where the earth has been abandoned for stations on Io (a moon of Jupiter), though one scientist stayed, trying to fix what’s wrong with Earth.

Which is problematic because that’s essentially humans.

Realizing this, she changes her mind and attempts to leave with Mackie, though things don’t go quite as planned.

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