Zach Is Back!

That’s Zach Snyder if you’re nasty.

The former architect of Warner Bros’ DCEU and director of movies like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and (arguably) Justice League is according to The Hollywood Reporter directing the upcoming Army of the Dead for Netflix.

Snyder directed 2004’s reboot of Dawn Of The Dead and while that movie was okay, it also introduced the world to the heresy of fast moving zombies (which never makes sense. For a start, their brains are dead–duh!–and running takes a certain amount of physical/mental coordination that a reanimated corpse should not be capable of. Your next question is likely, ‘Sure, running takes coordination, but so does walking, so how is it that they can do that? And my response is ‘Squirrel!’

As I was saying, the story is by Snyder–never a good thing, since cohesive storytelling was never his strong suit–though it consists of some mercenary-types fighting a zombie horde, which sounds basic enough that maybe it will work, since visuals are his strong suit.

Netflix purchased Army of the Dead from Warner Bros, which makes me wonder if they had any faith in the project to begin with (Netflix is often treated as a dumping ground by studios, who sell them projects that typically unable to market effectively themselves, such as The Cloverfield Paradox and Annihilation; the latter being literally one of the best movies of 2018).

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