REview: V Wars (2019)

V Wars is a new horror series on Netflix that introduces a novel way global warming will change our lives.

Namely. due to the effects of climate change dormant bacteria– actually prions–are reanimated, and begin to convert humans into vampires (!?).

And I’m not a science guy and my only knowledge about prions comes from Mad Cow disease, but I’m pretty sure those were spread by ingestion.

Speaking of which, there’s a great episode of the X-Files, Our Town, about that very topic.

This particular prion? It’s not only airborne but remarkably virulent and remodels the physiology of the people who catch it, bringing them more in line with typical depictions of vampires (thirst for blood, fangs, enhanced strength and speed, etc).

The series isn’t terrible though, and while it’s underpinnings don’t much in the way of sense, an even greater issue is that while the first season of V Wars comes in at a relatively lean 10 episodes, it somehow manages to feel rushed.

Which is a feat in and of itself.

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