Watching October Faction…

I’m watching October Faction on Netflix, and it’s just not resonating with me.

It’s been so hard to focus on it that I’ve been jumping between playing Tune Blast, watching Rolling Stone’s Useful Idiots AND an interview with Chris DiStefano on Tigerbelly (the latter I stopped because no matter how handsome he is, few things irritate me more than white people talking about racism as if they understand more about it–than typically being on the giving end, that is).

And that’s not to say that October Faction won’t eventually grab my attention, though at this point it feels more like an endurance test than anything else.

In terms of specifics, I don’t like the structure of the story, which if the first episode is any indicator relies too heavily on flashbacks. I also don’t think the casting (in a few instances) is all that great.

I suspect that part of the problem has to do with binging, and how not every show is meant to be watched in that way.

And October Faction is looking to be one of those series.

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