REview: The Prodigy (2019) | Enjoyable Despite Unoriginality

Nicholas McCarthy’s The Prodigy is a much better movie than I expected it to be, though having seen his 2012 movie The Pact it shouldn’t have surprised me too much.

What does is, when its all said and done, how derivative The Prodigy is of Richard Donner’s 1976 The Omen, except on a smaller scale.

And that’s a pity because before that fact makes itself known it’s a damn thrilling ride.

Jackson Robert Scott (Miles Bloom) is pretty convincing as the evil seed who’s a reincarnation of a serial killer and Taylor Schilling as his mother is the engine that powers the whole movie.

Colm Feore is also pretty good as the psychologist with an understanding of reincarnation, who’s out of the movie way too soon.

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