Trailer Into REaction: The Other Lamb (2019) | Official Trailer

Horror movies often get a bad rap because like anything else the more sensational examples of the genre (Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) suck up all the oxygen, leading people to believe that if they’re not into copious amounts of gore, violence and/nudity there’s no place for them.

And sure there’re a lot of movies that are exactly like that.

Though there’re others that aren’t, that are more cerebral and more into building unease and tension than a fount of blood.

Movies like Hereditary and Midsommer–pretty much anything by Ari Asher at this point–and Girl On The Third Floor and Doctor Sleep among many, many others..

We’re talking about horror of a more cerebral variety that, while it isn’t shy about displays of either gore or violence, it’s secondary to the building of atmosphere, tension and thrills.

The Other Lamb looks to fit firmly in that category.

The movie seems to revolve around a woman who appears to be a member of a polygamist cult.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find cults creepy by design. Movies like The Wicker Man and the aforementioned Midsommar show what can happen when you elect to let some person(s) take control of your life.

And it’s worth mentioning that there’re some very real analogues, like People’s Temple and Scientology–which, let’s be honest, is a cult (a well-financed one, but a cult nonetheless).

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