Trailer Into REaction: The Stand (2020) | Teaser Trailer

According to Wikipedia, Stephen King has published 60 novels and 200 short stories, which is why it’s so confusing when Hollywood decides to remake one of his novels that has already been made into either a movie or miniseries.

Now, if something were done in a particularly mediocre fashion – like The Langoliers or The Tommyknockers – then I get it but I don’t recall the last time we visited the world of The Stand as a particularly tedious one.

In fact, I barely have a memory of it at all, now that I think about it though it doesn’t change that maybe some other novel should have been revisited.

Why not remake Firestarter (1984)? A moviemost memorable because George C. Scott was cast – or should I say miscast – as a Native American?

Or maybe The Mangler (1995)?

Or Graveyard Shift (1990) – though to be fair Stephen Macht’s performance was so gleefully over-the-top that even the thought rankles.

Or 1986’s Maximum Overdrive, directed and written by Stephen King himself?

But The Stand? I don’t get it. I could even see Christine (1983) which was directed by John Carpenter and a decent – though by no means great – movie.

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