Trailer Into REaction: Books Of Blood (2020) | Official Trailer

On October 7th Hulu will premiere another attempt to interpret the work of Clive Barker with Books Of Blood (2020) and I’m not at all optimistic because I’ve seen The Midnight Meat Train (2008), Dread (2009) and Book Of Blood (2009) never mind the Hellraiser movies, of which only three or four are worth watching.

And that’s a pity because anyone who’s read any of Barker’s short stories and novels likely realizes that anyone that can properly transfer what he’s tries to in prose to celluloid can end up with something horrifically miraculous.

But there’s always the problem of something seemingly lost in translation, which while not rendering the final project worthless, does lessen it’s impact.

And this has to some degree to be expected, after all filmmaking is a cooperative venture with so many moving parts that anything cohesive comes from it at all it’s almost a minor miracle.

Still, I can’t hope but continue to wish for something better and maybe the latest interpretation of Books of Blood will be it.

The trailer is pretty good I will admit, though to be fair that’s the easy part because a trailer typically includes all the good bits though no movie is made exclusively of those prime parts and it’s the bones, meat and sinew holding everything together that matter most.

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