Trailer Into REaction: Possessor Uncut (2020) | Official Red Band Teaser Trailer

David Cronenberg has to rank among the best directors not working nearly as often as he should though I must admit that I didn’t prefer his shift toward more realistic fare with movies like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises.

It’s not those were movies were bad more than Cronenberg appeared to be like too many directors who’ve found anything approximating mainstream success; they move away from the genre that brought them to where they are.

And that’s okay in a sense, after all Gerry Anderson – while he excelled with television shows featuring puppets – really didn’t like working with them, which led him to work on movies like Doppelgänger (Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun) and television shows like Space: 1999, UFO and Space Precinct.

And why is any of the above relevant?

It’s because Possessor was directed by the Brandon Cronenberg, David’s son and it’s his second feature (the first being Antiviral from 2012) and if you’ve seen it you’ve probably noticed that stylistically speaking it takes an visual esthetic and tropes from his father’s work (body horror, paranoia and conspiracy), and though it doesn’t quite embrace them as enthusiastically.

Possessor is coming from Neon, a production shingle that appears to be rivaling A24 in terms of the prestigious projects it’s generating.

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