REview: Breach (2020): Watch-ably Bad

John Suits’ Breach isn’t a good movie though not quite for the reasons you might think.

After all, it stars an occasionally apathetic Bruce Willis, which usually is a pretty reliable sign that the director just doesn’t care though this movie has so much that doesn’t work that Willis is the least of it’s problems.

For a start – which I spend more than a little bit of time discussing in my video – the production design (for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it typically covers things like sets, locations and props) is borderline ghastly, when it isn’t being nonsensical (which is a problem when you take into account that that’s a huge part of what you see on screen).

Though what’s worse than looking not terribly attractive – or even interesting – it’s that its story makes little in the way of sense.

Sometimes mediocre-looking movies cane be “saved” by interesting visual effects or a well-told story though Breach doesn’t have either of those things,

It’s not an unwatchable movie, which isn’t saying much.

If you have a choice, instead consider Alien (1979), Galaxy of Terror (1981) or Ghosts of Mars (2001) – the latter a movie much better than reviews might lead one to believe.

All three movies cover similar territory though do it much better and in an more interesting fashion.

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