Trailer Into REaction: Halloween Kills (2021) | Official Trailer

I wasn’t a huge fan of David Gordon Green’s Halloween (2018) reboot because it forgot – if it ever understood in the first place – that John Carpenter’s original 1978 movie was the film that put slasher movies on the map.

And I don’t mean that to imply that it was the first, because it wasn’t, though what it did was make the slasher movie more palatable to mainstream audiences.

And oddly enough, I think Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) tackled it better in the sense that while I wasn’t a fan of the way Zombie reduced Michael Myers to essentially a case of nature versus nurture, I did like that he at least was willing to do something different with the material.

Green plays it relatively safe, and while as I said his Halloween wasn’t a bad movie, it also wasn’t particularly innovative either.

The trailer, released late last week, is also pretty violent for not being red band, though I wish it had held back a bit because I wonder if the movie has much more to offer.

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