REview: Blood Punch (2014) | Good Movie, Not-So-Good Title

I really liked Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day (1993) though I always thought that the premise – guy realizes he’s caught in a time loop, seemingly unable to escape – was better suited to horror than comedy.

Though it’s an idea that horror movies have used, such as Happy Death Day (2017) and others though none have resonated quite like Groundhog Day.

And Blood Punch doesn’t either (the movie was released in 2014 though I first heard of it was about a week ago) though I don’t know why because it’s a pretty enjoyable.

It revolves around Milton (Milo Cawthorne), Skyler (Olivia Tennet) and Russell (Ari Boyland) who happen to find themselves caught it a time loop, and are willing to do just about anything to break out of it, including killing each other.

Again, again and again.

Whatever happened to Bill Murray’s character he was always rebooted back in his bed, as if it never happened (though he remembered each and every time, making it very Sisyphean). Things work similarly in Blood Punch, though when Milton, Skyler or Russell die, things don’t quite return to normal as their dead bodies remain.

Skyler and Russell are the first two people in the movie who’re cursed, and while Skyler remembers each and every time it happens, while Russell doesn’t (which might have something to do with him being a psychopath) so he’s of little good to her but when she meets Milton at a drug rehab facility, she eventually comes to understand that he might be able to help her solve the problem.

It’s Skyler and Milton working things out that makes the movie interesting and despite the implausibility of the scenario you’re willing to go along with it because she at first comes off particular forward – like when she asked if anyone is able to cook crystal meth during a group session at the rehab facility – and jaded, comes off a bit weird till we understand that she’s been living, dying and living again for probably months, and due to repetition she’s pretty much done with social graces, while Milton decides to cook for her, apparently less for the drugs than attraction.

Blood Punch, while a relevant title – isn’t a very good one.

Though the movie itself? It’s a good time.

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