Preparing for the First Sequence

I haven’t seen any of The Human Centipede movies – it’s nothing to do with the idea of ‘eating ass’ in and of itself though based on what I’ve heard they take the idea a little too far – because while I’m don’t think of myself as squeamish, there are some roads I’m not the least bit interested in traveling.

But there’s a problem.

Which is, how can I truly claim to understand, to like or dislike, something without having experienced it?

And I’m also not talking about doing heroin or watching Birth of a Nation so whether or not I actually see any of Tom Six’s movies – assuming that it’s not a pseudonym because with a surname like ‘Six’ (or is it ‘Sick’) it sounds like he’s doing what he was destined to – at the end of the day I’ll be just fine.

And while I find the underlying notion of his movies repulsive, without having seen them myself how can I say how repulsive they really are? And besides, from a technical standpoint I’m really curious as to how he pulls it off.

Besides, it’s safe to assume that none of it is real, so it (should) become like any other horror movie with gore effects.

Besides, I’ve seen Society so how bad can it be?

To be continued…

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