Lights Out – Trailer

I kind of like the idea behind David F. Sandberg’s Lights Out, but I am not sure how it stands up to scrutiny.  After all, in the trailer the phantasm doesn’t appear in pitch darkness-which the title implies–but when there’s a nearby light source.

This is an important distinction because my scariest moments tend to happen not in total darkness, but when it is broken by light, and my mind tries to make sense of the shadows of various objects (it doesn’t help that I’m nearsighted, and without my glasses everything is a blur anyway).

The darkness–and a hyperactive imagination–sometimes twists the shadows into some very creepy forms, which is one reason I don’t tend to put my clothing on a chair before I go to bed.

Depending upon my mood I will either be terribly creeped out, and get up and move them; ignore it and go back to sleep, or stare at it till it resolves itself into something a little more like a pair of pants or whatever.

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