Godzilla: Resurgence – Trailer

The strange thing about the latest trailer of Godzilla: Resurgence is that when you see the world’s most popular kaiju it feels like he turns up more in that small period of time than he did for the entirety of 2014’s Gareth Edwards-hemmed movie.

That’s an exaggeration, though not as huge as you’d think considering its length.

In this instance the producers clearly know who people are turning out to see because the only ‘voice’ you hear is Godzilla’s roar, accompanied by dramatic music.

And I have to say, while I like that they’re sticking with the practical, man-in-a-suit approach that they’ve used when the character first turned up in the 1950’s, his arms look sort of goofy (they’re too well-defined, which coupled with their small size looks really strange).

That looks works fine on  a Tyrannosaurus, not so much in this case.  Then there’s his chest, which si too big; as if he’s been hitting the flat bench hard on his off days–when he’s not busy destroying Tokyo, that is.

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