The Umbrella Academy – Teaser Trailer

When Raleigh Beckett said in 2013’s Pacific Rim that ‘…in order to fight monsters we had to create monsters of our own,’ he wasn’t talking about the current streaming environment but he might as well have been because when Disney launches Disney+–their competing, terribly-named streaming service–they intend to pull all their content from Netflix.

Which means Netflix will have to create ‘monsters’–or should I say superheroes–of their own.

Their opening salvo is The Umbrella Academy, essentially a superhero (dysfunctional) family dramedy based on a Dark Horse comic written by Gerald Way.

But Netflix wouldn’t own the IP (intellectual property) for The Umbrella Academy, because it’s a Dark Horse property.

Keep in mind not owning the IP may have have figured in with Netflix cancelling three of its five Marvel series (so far) so owning the content is crucial for them.

This likely featured into their purchasing Millarworld (Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, etc), which means they have a direct pipeline into one of more prolific (formerly) independent comic creators.

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