Review – Love, Death + Robots | Episode 18 : The Secret War

I’ve read that Netflix alters the episode order of Love, Death + Robots based upon the viewing habits of the particular subscriber.

Annnnd…who cares? All Netflix likely knows about me is what I actually watch so if they’re tailoring the order of episodes due to what they perceive as my preferences, who cares (especially when they’re some really important issues to deal with out there)?

Anyway, I’m here with the last episode of the first season Love, Death + Robots, called The Secret War.

It’s a good episode, but unfortunately takes too many segues into the Uncanny Valley.

The reason being, CGI does human faces really, really not well which is problematic because human faces–or the face of any animal for that matter– are remarkably expressionistic and help you relate to what you’re seeing on screen.

As I said, The Secret War is a good episode, despite the fact that that you keep being dragged out of the story by glassy-eyed pseudo-human faces.

And those are the humans. Oddly enough, the demons work okay.

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