REview: Polaroid (2019)

I went into Lars Klevberg’s Polaroid with relatively high expectations and, for the most part, they were squandered. It’s not by any means a terrible movie but is filled with so many questionable decisions–such as the blue tint much of the movie seems filmed in or the way characters all seemed to live in homes that had the absolute minimum of indoor lighting–that it made the whole enterprise much less enjoyable than it should have been.

And if that weren’t bad enough the story toward the end started to move toward complexity, when the simplicity that accompanied most of the movie up to that time would have worked much more effectively.

And perhaps the worse thing is that you can see there’s a mean, lean horror film just waiting to burst free from the odd directoral choices made by Klevberg–I understand that he’s not the cinematographer, but at the same time he is the director and scenes are lit however he wants it to be.

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