REview: Consequences (2018) | One Of The Better Movies Revolving Around The Gay Experience

Have you heard of the idea of “the magical negro?”

The phrase revolves around the idea that oftentimes – less so now, I think – black people in movies are treated as almost magical beings, like leprechauns, dispensing folksy knowledge, wisdom and little else.

It’s a dehumanizing way of depicting black people for directors that for whatever reason feel the need to include an African-American, but want to dispense with little things like personality and a shared humanity.

I’ve noticed a similar trend with gay people, where they’re typically treated as if they’re perpetual victims to not only their natures but the world around them.

And that’s not to say that there’s aren’t gay people who’re in lots of ways victimized in societies all over the world, but the thing is I like entertainment that shows an spectrum of types and behaviors, as opposed to primarily one.

In fact, as far as the antagonist, Andrej Podobnik (Matej Zemljic) is concerned, he’s typically the person doing things like bullying, not the other way around though there is someone in the movie who attempts to push him around and you can tell that he allows it less because he’s particularly threatened than he’s taking the measure of his opponent.

Though when he has had fill, tread carefully because he doesn’t brook fools easily.

Though he’s not only a bully, he’s also a liar and a thief.

Though what he also is is not a stereotypical gay person. He doesn’t have anything to do with show tunes, Lady Gaga or drag because not every gay person does. In fact, he’s just a dude that likes people of the same sex and isn’t much defined by it beyond that fact.

It’s a portrayal I wouldn’t mind seeing more of because we’re always going to get more than our fair share of Love, Victor-type shows. It’s nice to get something that at least attempts to better capture reality for millions of people.

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