3 Things Warner Bros Should Do To Fix The DCEU

Indeed. Opinions are just like buttholes.  By DCEU, I mean the DC Extended Universe (which sounds to me like someone’s working really hard not to sound in any way similar to Marvel Studios’ MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe). In any case, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has earned just over $868 million at the […]

Assassin’s Creed – Trailer 1

How is it that Jimmy Kimmel manages to get the trailers for the biggest movies of summer before anyone else? From Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange and many others, Kimmel’s show is where they first appeared. The latest is for Assassin’s Creed, which is based on a […]

Doctor Strange – Trailer Into Reaction

With all the seriously positive buzz coming off of Captain America: Civil War you’d think that I would be all Marveled-out by now, but not at all because Marvel Studios also released a trailer for Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange last evening. And I really enjoyed it, so much so that I shot a reaction video […]

Is Batman v Superman A Failure? It Depends On How You Look At It

And the answer is a firm “Maybe.” To begin, let’s call our hypotheses, Scenario One and Two. Scenario One is the best case; Scenario Two…not at all. If your chief source of information is Box Office Mojo, then things can be interpreted somewhat optimistically. According to them, the movie is budgeted at $250 million.  That’s expensive, […]

X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse – Official Trailer

While it’s great that Bryan Singer finally understands that he’s making movies based on comic books, the bulletin might have come just a bit too late. Reason being, we’ve got Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering March 28–by the time its competition appears on the horizon hopefully it will have profitability in its sights.  If it doesn’t […]

Science, Sorcery and Movies

Typically, when we’re talking about science, it’s in reference to something that can be proven (such as global warming, which despite what naysayers may say, is quantifiable) by a combination of observation, experimentation and tried and true trial and error. Now sorcery doesn’t have as nearly as rigorous a system of validation, because we’re talking about something […]

The Jungle Book Official Super Bowl Trailer

To be honest a live-action movie based Rudyard Kipling stories doesn’t particularly interest me, though seeing the trailer, it looks pretty awesome. The action looks great, and the CGI seems convincing though there’s only one problem I can see, namely that the voice actors are so recognizable that I found myself trying to find out who was […]

Can We Stop With The ’67 Characters’ Nonsense?

Recently quite a few venues are running with the idea that the Russo brothers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War) are going to have 67 characters in their upcoming two-parter. Avengers: Infinity War. This is, on the face of it, nonsensical because last time I checked Marvel Studios haven’t even introduced […]

Independence Day: Resurgence – Trailer

The trailer for the latest chapter in the Independence Day saga dropped a few hours ago, and to be honest I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Between Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-Men: Apocalypse there are some huge movies coming out relatively soon. There’s potentially millions riding on when these […]

X-Men: Apocalypse – Trailer 1

I have just watched the latest trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, and it’s…okay. It teases Apocalypse, his Four Horsemen, his origins and so forth but there’s a problem:  As far as superhero movies go, we’re in a time of wonders. From the Avengers to Superman, some of the greatest in comics have, or will soon, pop up […]