‘Inkmaster’ ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Trailer

Since I am not willing to pay the ridiculously high prices charged by cable providers, I get my television by computer.  One of my favorite shows is Spike TV’s “Inkmaster,” which has a new episode every Tuesday, though it appears on Spike.com the following Saturday.

And I have no problem with that, minus the occasion streaming hiccup (and the interesting way that companies like Verizon seem to think that people actually like watching commercials).

I just watched the most recent episode, Number 405, which had Hugh Jackman as a guest judge.  It was obvious that the episode was going to tie-in with the upcoming Fox feature, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” because it felt like every other challenge had something to do with the film.

I was right, though what I didn’t expect was that they would show footage that was significantly better than anything yet released for the film; in fact it’s hands down the best yet.

There’s quite a bit of Sentinel action initially, as well as some shots of Quicksilver using his power (super-speed) as well as other X-Men.

It’s an awesome trailer, though it should have been what they went with from the get-go.


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