Trailer Into REaction – V Wars (2019) | Official Trailer

I don’t know about you but I really dig vampires, especially when they’re in the fashion of Near Dark and 30 Days Of Night.

Reason being, they’re not the more traditional. romantic interpretations of the vampire myth, with fears of crucifixes and churches.

These modern day horrors tend to more science-adjacent, typically coming by their condition by some sort of virus or infection. They have many of the benefits of more traditional vampires, such as enhanced senses, speed and strength, but none of the religious-based weaknesses.

On the deficit side, it has to be mentioned that these more new fangled horrors can’t turn to bats, wolves or mist.

And that’s not to say that there’s no place for such creatures (we have to take our monsters where we can get them) but there’s something interesting about a vampire that doesn’t give a damn about whatever deity you call God.

Though a weakness both modern and more traditional vampires hold in common is a weakness to light, particularly of the ultraviolet variety.

And let’s not forget a hunger for blood (because they certainly won’t).

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